Enjoy your own chopstick party.

Chopstick Master invites you to host your own chopstick party with an Asian food themed party where your guests make their own chopsticks. Join in the FUN!

testimonial imageMy CSM arrived today after what seemed like an eternity. Well I tell you what, it was more than worth the wait! I broke open the box and was so impressed. The tool is amazing! After a quick read through the instruction manual (which was very well done by the way) I was up and running. I did not take the time to flatten the iron or do any additional sharpening or honing. My excitement was so high I didn’t even make it out to the shop – got to work right on the kitchen counter! After a very enjoyable few minutes, I am now the proud owner of my first pair of handmade chopsticks! I can’t put them down.

Thank you for an amazing tool! I will be making hundreds more chopsticks!” – Will Wilson, South Lyon, Michigan

“The Chopstick Master is so much fun it literally tricked some dinner guests into becoming woodworkers. They still send me selfies of them eating with their chopsticks (burritos, with chopsticks, really?), and I won’t be surprised if two of them come back for woodworking lessons.” – Christopher Schwarz, Ft. Mitchell, KY

“We hosted a chopstick making party and all our guests were non-woodworkers. Who knew you could make grown men and women so happy by building chopsticks – we had loads of fun!” – M. Garahi, Denver, CO

“The people behind the Chopstick Master have thought of everything needed to make this remarkable, well-made device something the whole family can enjoy.” – R. Bare, Preston, CT

“What a cool thing, to make perfect and beautiful chopsticks on the first try. In this “digital world” it’s so nice doing something fun by making and using something that is real.” – R. West, St. Paul, MN

“Perfect diamond cuts on the end – I am really impressed, this thing is so much fun. The Chopstick Master is even higher on the instant gratification list than turning – this is addictive!” – Konrad Sauer, Ontario, Canada

“I have Japanese nieces and nephews who I see only every 2-3 years so reacquainting with them each visit can be daunting. They speak very little English and I, only a smattering of Japanese. I brought the Chopstick Master with me in June for a two week visit and brought it out in the evenings and we made lots and lots of chopsticks! This led the children to show me things that they have handmade. The neighbors came over, we made chopsticks. Friends of my brothers arrived…more chopsticks. The amazing, most satisfying, thing was that conversation and laughter happened.

Two weeks ago, my other brother came for a visit with his Hispanic grandchildren…8, 10 and 11 years old……and we made chopsticks and they learned to use them, proficiently and with confidence…did you know that anyone can use chopsticks after eating a whole meal of Tater Tots?  Making chopsticks gave me a chance to relate to these children and tell them about their Japanese cousins in a setting that was one on one, safe and, comfortable.  Each set had a built in design element the kids thought up to tell theirs apart. The chopsticks were the only treasured souvenir they took home but I am hoping they took a happy memory, as well.

I’ve pre-ordered the second Chopstick Master to send to my brother in Japan……..He called and asked me to bring him one the next time I visit. I send my gratitude and appreciation to you for giving us a tool to share good times together and create memories for the children of my global family. I believe it will be traveling to Spain with me in the spring. Arigatou gozaimashita, estoy agradecida, thank you very much!” – Julie D. Niemeyer, Beaverton, OR