Author: Diane Economaki

Making Chopsticks in Taipei with the New Chopstick Master™ from Bridge City Tool Works

Several weeks ago, over the Forth of July holiday, I traveled to Taipei to unveil the second generation of the Chopstick Master™. If you have never been to Taipei in July, it is hot. So hot in fact, on my cab ride to the exhibition hall I saw two trees fighting over a dog… The Read More

Chopstick Master Making Chopsticks

The Chopstick Master version 2… V3 is in Production!

I just returned from a trade show in Taipei demonstrating version two of the Chopstick Master. All I can say is “WOW”. Just like in Shanghai, the people making chopsticks were about as happy as happy can be. I really feel damn lucky that this idea has been so well received, again. It was 4 Read More

A China Woodworking Story that is Barely Believable…

We have been selling Jointmaker Pros through our distributor in China for several years now, along with numerous other BCTW tools. As you know, it is a big country and avocational woodworking is in a pre-nascent stage (if such a stage exists). So the sales are not large but they are growing—right up there with Read More

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