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Chopstick Master – New From Bridge City Tool Works

Chopstick Master was created while in preparation for a recent trade show in China by John Economaki of Bridge City Tool Works. He had a nutty idea for a gimmick in his booth: a planing jig for making chopsticks.

As it turned out, people lined up at the show for a chance to make perfectly planed chopsticks at the show.

“I hit on something very deep in the Chinese culture,” John says during a chat in his office. “I have never seen so much joy in my entire life.”

Kids, women, and adults of all ages used his little tabletop jigs to make the perfect tapering sticks that end in a petite tapered octagon. Then they used one of the Bridge City JMPv2 Jointmaker Pros to saw a pyramid shape at the top.

“What started as a fun idea – almost a bit of a joke – is headed into production. The Chopstick Master is, like all Bridge City tools, a cunning invention from Economaki’s restless mind. And after he told me about the jig over dinner last week, I knew I had to stop at his Portland, Ore., office on my way to the airport to make a pair of chopsticks.” — Christopher Schwarz


Welcome to Chopstick Master by Bridge City Tool Works!

Bridge City Tool Works was established in 1983 by John Economaki and has been producing innovative and immaculately crafted heirloom tools for woodworkers and collectors worldwide. In August 2018, Bridge City Tool Works joined the Harvey Industries, Ltd. family of companies and looks forward to serving makers all over the world!